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Leung Chiu Yin

Dear All,


I must express my gratitude to Hong Kong Ning Po Resident Association and the IMC of Ning Po No.2 College for entrusting me the principalship of the School, after the retirement of Principal Mr. Wong King Hung. Our predecessors have continuously been cultivating the personal virtues and civic awareness of the student population. My mission is not only to continue their works, but also to strive for excellence of NP2C.


I will mingle with the circumstances of the school, eager to learn more about our teachers, students and parents. Eventually, I can arrive at a clear development vision for our school.


The teachers in our school are devoted educators, they maintain the vision and mission of the school, nurture our students with faith and love, and let them have chances to enlighten various talents, thus enabling them to develop their potentials.


I hope all the teachers and students can give each other more support and encouragement, so that we can empower ourselves to receive the challenging tomorrows, for a better society and a better world.


With all my warmest wishes,






General information

Founded by the Ning Po Residents Association in 1987, the Ning Po No.2 College is a whole-day government-subsidized grammar secondary school. Over the years, we have placed much emphasis on cultivating the students’ moral standard and self-learning ability. According to the "student-oriented" notion, we hope to provide a positive, pleasant, harmonious and orderly learning environment for the students, thereby enabling them to explore their own potentials and raise their personal quality and ability. With such good qualities, our students will become righteous citizens.

Sponsoring body: Ning Po Residents Association (Hong Kong)

History Timeline


Hong Kong Ning Po Residents Association planned to establish Ning Po No.2 College in 1986 with 49 members having donated HK$3.34 million.  Ning Po No.2 College was officially opened in 1987.  On January 20, 1988, Sir David Robert Ford officiated the opening ceremony.  The Incorporated Management Committee was established in August 2012.

Chairman of the School Board

1987-1992﹕Mr. T.Y. Wong, OBE, JP

1992-now﹕Dr. D. S. Li, GBM, JP



1987-1990﹕ Ms. Jasmine Koo

1990-1991﹕Mr. Robert Wang

1991-2004﹕Dr. Andrew Wang

2004-now﹕Dr. Joseph Lee, GBS, JP



1987-1992﹕Mrs. Yvonne Ng

1992-2009﹕Ms. Juliana Tai

2009-2012﹕Mr. Yeung Fai Kwong

2012-2021﹕Mr. Wong King Hung

2021-now﹕Mr. Leung Chiu Yin



School Mission and Vision

Adhering to the school motto of "Persist with Virtuousness and Develop Perseverance", we deliver excellent holistic education so that students can learn with a pleasant and proactive attitude while developing their perseverance in a comprehensive manner. Apart from cultivating students’ good moral conduct and independent thinking, we help them to establish good values and a healthy outlook on life. Bearing such good attributes of life, our students can fulfill their responsibilities in caring for the society and commitment to the country. They will be self-discipline and law-abiding citizens, and contribute to the community.



By delivering excellent holistic education in a comprehensive manner, we are dedicated to cultivating the students’ moral quality in terms of determination, self-reliance, and respect for others. Through the diversified, student-centered curricula, we nurture our students’ perseverance in developing independent thinking and inquiring minds in a joyous and caring learning environment. Students can then establish their positive outlooks as well as grand visions towards life. The refined characteristics, while helping our students to have a more fruitful and fulfilling life expedition, also enable them to contribute in the social, national, and global domains.

School Planning & Reporting

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Female students

  • Female students should manage their hairstyle in a clean and natural way
  • Shoulder length hair needs to be fastened with hair ties. Hair buns are not allowed
  • White, short-sleeved, sailor uniform skirt, with blue and white checkers on the cuffs, collar and scarf
  • School skirt should cover the knees, with a white cloth belt at the waist
  • School badge has to be placed in the middle of the scarf
  • Additional white shirt and petticoat must be worn
  • White socks without brand logos and black shoes

Male students

  • Male students should manage their hairstyle in a clean and natural way
  • White shirt
  • School shirt must be tucked in the gray trousers. The gray trousers need to be matched with a black belt
  • School badge must be worn and positioned 2cm above the shirt pocket
  • White t-shirt must be worn underneath the school shirt
  • White socks without brand logos and black shoes with shoelaces


  • Students must wear black school shoes
  • Shoes have to be simple and plain, no decoration allowed.
  • Shoe heels must not exceed two centimeters

School Song

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