Reading to Learn

Objective: To Cultivate a Reading Culture and Promote Lifelong Learning






A. Reading Class

  1. Books – The 1st to 10th day of every month are assigned as English Reading Days, during this period the students must read English books
  2. Reading Progress Chart – Posted on the notice boards for teachers to view the students’ reading progress
  3. Reading Record – Reading record of the entire class is recorded in the “Reading Contract” of the Hong Kong Reading City . The record is also used as an assessment item for the “Energy Cup”


B. Reading Sharing Sessions

  1. Share the Outline – Students have to have adequate preparation before sharing
  2. Teachers’ Score Sheets for the Reading Sharing Sessions – for feedback and assessment during students’ sharing


C. Library Sessions for Form 1 Students

  1. Give an overview of the library to Form 1 students


Reading Ambassadors

Responsibilities:  Assist in handling and recording in-class reading-related activities

Composition:       Two students each class


Reading Scheme

A. Extensive Reading Scheme

  1. Objective: To foster reading habits of students and to improve their language proficiency
  2. Targets: Form 1 to Form 5 students
  3. Method: Students use the “Reading Contract” of the Hong Kong Reading City as the platform for making reading records. At the end of the academic year, the class teacher will elect outstanding ones for rewards based on the quality and quantity (Reading Record and Score Sheet for the Reading Sharing Sessions) of the books read by students.


B. Seedling Reading Program

  1. Objective: To deepen students’ reading technique and enhance their self-learning ability
  2. Targets: Form 1 to Form 5 Students
  3. Method: By matching with the subject group reading programs, the students will submit book reports at several points of time during the academic year (November, January, and March). The reading outcomes may be presented in the form of text or mind maps / conceptual graphs. Awards will be presented to students with outstanding achievements at the end of the school year.


C. Summer Reading Charter

Objective: To further promote reading and encourage students to make good use of the summer holidays

Target: Form 1 to Form 3 students


  1. (Students will sign the "Reading Charter" and commit to read at least 10 Chinese or English Books and fill out the Reading records during the summer holidays;
  2. Share their reading experience through different means of expression (for examples, drawing pictures or writing aspirations, etc.) with friends, family members, or teachers;
  3. Those who have completed the “Reading Charter” by September will be awarded the "Appreciation of Quality Reading" electronic certificate.

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