Reading to Learn

Objective: To Cultivate a Reading Culture and Promote Lifelong Learning



Objectives of Reading to Learn


During the process of reading, students should be able to draw upon their prior knowledge, learning experiences and world knowledge so as to gain an in-depth understanding of a text and construct meaning. Through extensive reading, students can connect their experiences and knowledge and achieve the following:


  1. Acquiring, constructing and applying flexibly the knowledge in different areas;
  2. Enhancing the language abilities essential for communication, academic studies and intellectual development;
  3. Developing metacognitive abilities to regulate the reading and learning process;
  4. Unlocking potential and developing thinking and generic skills;
  5. Cultivating a broad spectrum of interests and enhancing their taste and quality of life;
  6. Cultivating their moral and affective qualities to strengthen their sense of responsibility towards self, family, society, the Motherland and the world;
  7. Fostering open-mindedness to accommodate different opinions, views, values and cultures;
  8. Extending their understanding of life and rising to the challenges in life.



Morning Reading and Sharing Program


Senior Forms:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 8 am to 830 am


Junior Forms:

Monday and Friday: 8 am to 830 am



Cross curriculum reading materials will be provided.

After reading, sharing will be needed.


Reading Award Scheme

  1. Chinese Junior Forms Extensive Reading Award Scheme
  2. Robert Wang Book Prize
  3. ‘Seed’ Reading Program

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