Life Planning Education and Career Guidance

School development key area : Dream accomplishment. Dreams drive learning

Development direction : Help students set an appropriate action plan by considering various factors at the moment


Due to the ever-changing society (For example, a video on YouTube entitled “Do you know?” mentioned that 10 trades in 2004 were no longer demanded in 2010.), it is necessary to instruct our students how to make appropriate career decisions at different stages of life.

Junior secondary goals

In junior forms, students will have a better understanding of themselves and different careers through games. To help S. 3 students choose the elective subjects, they will be introduced the relation between different careers and the elective subjects.

Senior secondary goals

All the senior form students should complete their career planning proposals. They will learn how to set an action plan (including long-term, mid-term and short-term goals). In S. 5 and S. 6, their proposals will be reviewed, which helps them make refinement based on the real situation. Since students usually set far-reaching goals in S. 4 (Although most of them will be able to understand they have to fulfill the short-term goals at different stages in order to accomplish their dreams, some of them fail to face the reality.), S. 5 and S. 6 students should be reminded to refine their proposals.


Activity arrangement:

The careers master and two assistants will organise group activities for students (in groups of 6-8) at different levels during 3 sessions (13:30 - 14:00/16:00 - 16:30/16:45 - 17:15) every cycle. Each session will last for 30 minutes.


The number of career planning group activities students at each level join every year is as follows (excluding the career planning course):













Career planning course

Course overview

Part 1 (S. 3)

  • My autobiography and learning about the senior curriculum
  • Interest
  • Ability


Part 2 (S. 4)

  • My learning goals and plan
  • Personality


Part 3 (S. 5)

  • My ideal life
  • The value of work

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