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Our strategy is to unleash the learning power of all our students to learn to learn and to excel through realising the potential of IT in enhancing interactive learning and teaching experiences. We aim to strengthen students’ self-directed learning, problem-solving, collaboration and computational thinking competency, enhance their creativity and innovation, and even entrepreneurship, as well as to nurture the students to become ethical users of IT for pursuing life-long learning and whole-person development, through leveraging technology and the capacity of IT in our school environment. We will sustain the development of IT Education through synergizing resources and professional support to enhance teachers’ repertoire and their effectiveness of learning and teaching.




IT Education Strategies:


Our IT Education Strategies  enable students to develop self-directed learning which in turn empower them to pursue whole-person development and life-long learning. Six supporting actions formulated, including:

  1. enhancing school’s IT infrastructure;
  2. enhancing the quality of e-learning resources;
  3. renewing curriculum, transforming pedagogical and assessment practices,
  4. building professional leadership,
  5. involving parents, stakeholders and
  6. sustaining coherent development of IT in Education.




IT Education for students:


A. Leadership Training (IT Prefects)

IT Prefects are trained for promoting IT education in campus. Learning atmosphere is enhanced by leadership training aimed for making future leaders.


IT Prefects as student leaders

B. IT Activities and Campus TV

By engaging to multimedia activities and competition, students are trained for strengthening their IT knowledge as well as creativity and leadership.

Our students achieved “Best Creativity Award” in

The 5th HKBU Academy of Film Seeds Project

Campus TV helps filming in school activities

C. Site Visit and Workshop outside campus

Site visits to IT companies and workshops outsides are further ways to strengthen students’ Information literacy and broaden their horizons.

Visit to Science Park – Robotic Programming Workshop

IT Week Activity– Visit to Science Park

IT Week activity – Visit to Cyber Port

Teachers’ IT Professional Development:


By Teachers’ Professional Training in IT Education and sharing among peers, teaching efficiency is enhanced by improving IT knowledge.

Teachers’ Professional Training in IT Education - Google Suite Workshop

IT Workshop for Parents:


IT workshops and training courses are organized for parents and purposed for enhancement of information literacy to all the stakeholders in education.

IT Training Course for Parents

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