Integrated Science


Panel Head

Mr. Wong Siu Kit


Students should

  1. acquire the basic scientific knowledge and concepts for living in and contributing to a scientific and technological world;
  2. develop the ability to enquire and to solve problems;
  3. be acquainted with the language of science and be equipped with the skills in communicating ideas in science related contexts;
  4. develop curiosity and interest in science;
  5. recognise the usefulness and limitations of science and the interactions between science, technology and society and develop an attitude of responsible citizenship, including respect for the environment and commitment to the wise use of resources;
  6. be able to appreciate and understand the evolutionary nature of scientific knowledge.
  • S.1
    • Ch.1 Introducing Science
    • Ch.2 Looking at Living Things
    • Ch.3 Cells & Human Reproduction
    • Ch.4 Energy
    • Ch.5 Water – The Wonderful Solvent
    • Ch.6 Matter as Particles
  • S.2
    • Ch.7 Living things and air
    • Ch.8 Making use of electricity
    • Ch.9 Space travel
    • Ch.10 常見的酸和鹼
    • Ch.11 Sensing the environment


  1. 筆試(上下學期各一次)


  2. 平時分
    (1) 課堂, 實驗課表現 10分*
    (2) 作業 10分*
    (3) All-in-One 筆記 10分*
    (4) 測驗 20分

    *mark range: 0分, 1-3分(Below Average), 4-6分(Average),7-9分(Above Average), 10分(Excellent)


Scien-matics Week (Co-organized by the Math, Phy, Chem & I.S. Departments)


Scien-matics Week