Integrated Science



Students should

  1. develop curiosity and interest in science;
  2. acquire fundamental scientific knowledge and skills, and appreciate the relationship between science and other disciplines;
  3. develop the ability to make scientific investigation and solve problems;
  4. use the language of science to communicate science-related ideas;
  5. develop a basic understanding of the nature of science;
  6. develop the ability to integrate and apply scientific knowledge and skills with other related disciplines;
  7. recognise the social, ethical, economic, environmental and technological implications of science, and develop an attitude of responsible citizenship and a commitment to promote personal and community health;
  8. be prepared for further studies in STEM-related disciplines; and
  9. become lifelong learners in science for personal development.
  • S.1
    • Unit 1: Introducing Science
    • Unit 5: Energy
    • Unit 6: Matter as Particles
    • Unit 8: Making Use of Electricity
    • Unit 11: Force and Motion
  • S.2
    • Unit 2: Water
    • Unit 3: Looking at Living Things
    • Unit 4: Cells, Human Reproduction and Heredity
    • Unit 7: Living Things and Air
    • Unit 9: Common Acids and Alkalis
    • Unit 10: Sensing the Environment

Examination 100 marks

Performance 50 marks


STEM Week (Co-organized by the Math, Phy, Chem & I.S. , ICT, D.T. Departments)


Scien-matics Week