Aims/ objectives

Students are expected to cultivate positive values and attitudes that will enable them to

  1. engage in various kinds of learning activities and develop interests in exploring History; and be prepared to explore in greater depth a historical issue of personal interest;
  2. develop the skills of critical thinking, making sound judgments and effective communication through exploring historical issues;
  3. tolerate and respect different opinions, and to recognize that although different communities have different experiences and beliefs, there are values and ideals that are commonly shared by all humankind;
Medium of Instruction

Conducted in Cantonese

S3 (Selected topics to be taught in English)


Curriculum content / Topics
S.3 Aims/ objectives:
  1. To arouse and develop students’ interest in studying History;
  2. To help students understand the present in the context of the past;
  3. To help students identify the relationship between cause and consequence of historical events and detect change and continuity in major historical issues and developments;
  4. To equip students with knowledge and understanding of their own community and culture, as well as other major cultures of the World
  5. To develop students’ understanding of the historical terminology;
  6. To prepare students for adult life and citizenship; To become responsible citizens with a sense of national identity and a global perspective.
*Syllabus: The First World War, The Second World War, The Cold War, Hong Kong Heritage Conservation
S.4 - S6 Aims/ objectives:
  1. acquire knowledge and develop understanding of the major historical developments (Conflicts and Cooperation in the 20th century World, Modernization and transformation in the 20th century Asia and trends that have shaped the contemporary world.
  2. master skills which will enable them to compare and interpret historical data; arrive at reasoned conclusions based on available evidence;
  3. develop understanding of basic historical concepts, such as cause and effect, change and continuity, and similarities and differences;
  4. develop understanding of diverse standpoints and perspectives inherent in different ways of representing and interpreting the past;
  5. master skills which will enable them to distinguish fact from opinion; detect biased viewpoints, ambiguous assumptions and unsubstantiated arguments; and build up proper historical perspectives;
S.4 *Topics:
  • Conflicts and Cooperation in the 20th Century World:
  • The First World War,The Second World War, The Cold War,
S.5 *Topics:
  • Modernization and Transformation in the 20th century Asia:
  • Japan, Hong Kong, China, South-East Asia, International Cooperation
S.6 *Topics:
  • Conflicts and Cooperation in the 20th Century World:
  • Revision

Map reading, MC, Sequencing, Project, DBQ, Essay etc

S4 to S6

DBQ, Essay


Movie appreciation and reflection, Comics Competition, Cross-subject project learning and competition, Tutorials, School visits, Museum visits etc.


Teachers of the subject

Comics Competiton

Movie appreciation and reflection

Cross-subject project learning: Local Heritage Conservation

Museum visit: Hong Kong Museum of History

Museum visit: Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence

School visits

Photos with students