Home Economics


  • Indoctrinate cooking , needlework skills & home management knowledge
  • Improve personal , family & social relationship of the students
  • Develop healthy lifestyle & maintain environmental sustainability.
  • Enhance students' basic life skills & apply to daily use.

Area Subject content
a. Food & Nutrition F.1 Nutrients & Functions, Introduction of kitchen equipments , Basic cooking skills, Meal Planning, etc.
F.2 3 main food groups, Cake Making Methods , Festival Food , Meal Planning, etc.
b. Needlework F.1
  • Introduction of basic needlework equipments, basic embroidery stitches & needlecraft skills
  • Fashion Design
  • Fibre & fabric
  • Apron making
  • Stuffed articles
  • Fashion Design
  • Fibre & fabric
c. Home Management F.1
  • Table Manner
  • Home Cleaning
  • Food Hygiene
  • Home Cleaning

Diversified assessment mode includes -

  • Quiz
  • Worksheet
  • Cooking Practical lessons
  • Needlecraft
  • Project & Oral Presentation
  • Peer evaluation
  • Organize "Joyful Fruit Day"
  • Organize NP2C cooking competitions
  • Participate in the Joint School Cooking Competitions
  • Visit "Fashion Show"
  • Speech Day Refreshment Preparation & Reception

Achievement / Award
Year Organizer Activity Award
2005-06 Kwun Tong Government Secondary School Joint School Cooking Competition in Kwun Tong District
  • Champion
  • Most Creative Award
  • 4 schools Cooking Award
2008-09 Department of Health Joyful Fruit Day Champion (Secondary School Class)
2011-12 Centre for Food Safety "Live it , Use it" Nutrition Labelling Promotion Award Scheme First Runner Up (Secondary School Class)
2016-17 Federation of PTA in Kwun Tong District Limited Joint School Cooking Competition Recognition Award
2017-18 Federation of PTA in Kwun Tong District Limited Joint School Cooking Competition Second Runner Up