The mission of the English Department is to provide language education where students develop their English proficiency for study, work and leisure; extend their knowledge and experience of other cultures through the English medium; develop the ability to use English confidently; and help them overcome the challenges of the keenly competitive knowledge-based society of Hong Kong. To get students exposed to English as a second language in a language rich environment, we have provided a wide range of extra-curricular activities and experiences that help students acquire new skills, develop old ones and learn to be an expressive language user. We hope to inspire in our students a love for the language and foster an appreciation of the English language as an art.


Panel chair, members, AT and NET


The teachers of the English Department work closely together to:

  • provide greater opportunities for students to use English purposefully
  • develop students' critical thinking and encourage free expression and creativity
  • make use of learner-centered instruction to encourage their independence
  • promote effective, independent and lifelong learning
  • deliver the new senior secondary (NSS) syllabus
  • provide an English-rich learning environment

To ensure that students have the strongest exposure to English, class allocation of English-related subjects is as follows:

Lessons Per Cycle
General English Lesson Environmental Studies English Reading Oral, Aural English Information Technology Integrated Science
1 8 2 1 1 2 5
2 8 2 1 1 2 5
3 7 1 1
4 10 1
5 9 1
6 10

Form Syllabus Activities
  • Bridging Course
  • Module 1: Study, School Life and Work
  • Module 2: Getting Along with Others
  • Module 3: Teenage Life
  • Module 4: The World Around Us
  • Module 5: Wonderful Things and People
  • Out and About in Stanley
  • Quizpedia
  • Past-tense Project
  • Eating Out Activity
  • Ice-breaking
  • Module 1: Shopping Fun/Conscious Consumption
  • Module 2: Save Our Planet!/Grow a Sustainable Future
  • Module 3: Trendsetters/Rethinking Fashion
  • Module 4: Wonderful Wildlife/Endangered Species
  • Module 5: Amazing Stories/The Magic of Storytelling
  • Summerbridge
  • xbridge Summer Camp
  • Fashion Show
  • Elite Study Circles
  • English Language Institute/China (ELIC) Summer Camp
  • Module 1: The World Around Us
  • Module 2: Rights and Responsibilities
  • Module 3: Wonderful Things and People
  • Module 4: Humans and the Environment
  • WSE Cosmopolitan Youth English Summer Camp
  • Elite Study Circles
  • TSA Oral Practice
  • Interclass Reading Sharing
  • Module 1: Study and Travel
  • Module 2: Growing-up // Nature and Environment
  • Module 3: Sports and Health
  • Module 4: Learning English Through Short Stories
  • Drama Appreciation
  • Module 1: Popular Culture
  • Module 2: SBA Part A: Non-print Fiction
  • Module 3: Sports Communication
  • Module 4: Workplace Communication
  • Module 5: Social Issues
  • Inter-school Oral Practice
  • Elite Study Circles
6 HKDSE exam practice
  • Inter-school Oral Practice
  • Mastermind Competition

We put emphasis on both summative and formative assessments. By making a good use of purposeful tasks and activities, students are expected to gain insights concerning their strengths and weaknesses. Both classwork and homework are given for the purpose of reinforcing, facilitating and encouraging independent learning. Teachers provide timely feedback for students to measure their achievements, inform students of their performance and encourage further progress.

S.4 - 6


The assessment will consist of a public examination component and a school-based assessment component as outlined in the following table:

Component Weighting Duration
Public Examination Paper 1 Reading
Paper 2 Writing
Paper 3 Listening & Integrated Skills
Paper 4 Speaking
1.5 hours
2 hours
About 2 hours
About 20 minutes
School-based Assessment (for school candidates only) 15%

71st Hong Kong Speech Festival
Choral Speaking, Secondary 3, Mixed Voice
Second runner-up 3B, 3A & 3D
Solo Verse Speaking
  • 1A Lee Tsz Ho
  • 2D Chan Po Sheung
  • 4E Wong Kit Yin
  • 5B Lau Lok Yiu Serena

70th Hong Kong Speech Festival
Choral Speaking, Secondary 3, Mixed Voice
First Runner-up 3B
Solo Verse Speaking
Second Runner-up 1A Chan Wai Lun
  • 1A Wong Hin Tat
  • 1A Chan Po Sheung
  • 1B Lui Yeuk Yu
  • 2A Chan Yuk Kwan
  • 2D Du Zhishan
  • 2D Chan Chi Hin
  • 3B Pun Man
  • 3B Mar Si Wan Charlize
  • 3B Wong Yan
  • 3B Lee Cheuk Wing
  • 3B Wong Kit Yin
  • 3B Wong Yin Tung Shirley
  • 4A Wai Tsz Yan Wendy
  • 4A Lai Jiayi
  • 4D Hui Ka Kwan
  • 4D Ngan Cheuk Tung
  • 4D Mok Wan Ting

69th Hong Kong Speech Festival
Choral Speaking, Secondary 3, Mixed Voice
Champion 3B
Solo Verse Speaking
Champion 4D Chan Kei
Second Runner-up 2C Wong Kit Yin
  • 1A Chan Sze Wing, Wing
  • 1B Chan Chi Hin
  • 1B Lee Yan Wing
  • 1B Chung Uen Ying
  • 1C Wong Yi Hei
  • 1C Lam Wai Na Ann
  • 1C Du ZhiShan Susan
  • 1C Chu Ka Ying Ashley
  • 1D Chan Yuk Kwan
  • 1D Heung Ching Ngo
  • 2A Leung I Pan
  • 2A Law Tsz Ying
  • 2A Mak Man Hei
  • 2A So Kin Pang
  • 2A Ng Tsz Shun
  • 2A Yeung Shun Kwong
  • 2A Mak Yee Man
  • 2A Tso Cherwis Chi Hin
  • 2A Ting Tong
  • 2A Ho Chun Po
  • 2A Lau Hiu Yan
  • 2B Ng Wai Yan
  • 2B Tong Sze Ching
  • 2B Ho Suet Hang
  • 2B Cheung Wan Wai
  • 2B Chung Ka Yi
  • 2B Wong Hoi Ching
  • 3A Wong Hiu TungTing
  • 3A Lau Lok Yiu Serena
  • 3A Wai Tsz Yan Wendy
  • 3B Chan Kin Fai
  • 3B Ngan Cheuk Tung
  • 3B Mok Wan Ting
  • 3C Yip Lok Lam
  • 3C Cheng Chun Hin Roy
  • 4C Ko Ching Yin
  • 4C Law Nga Yan
  • 4C Wong Yin Tsing Erica
  • 4C Choy Hiu Mei Ada
  • 4D Ngai Ping Ting Tina
  • 4D Cheung Hoi Lam
  • 4D Chow Lee Lai
  • 4D Huang Qiman
  • 5D Tan Ching Yan
  • 6B Fung Suet Wun

2019 World Book Day Fest Towards a Reading City
My Favourite Game Booth Award
  • 1A Chan Wai Lun
  • 1A Tse Wai Ki
  • 1A Xiang Tsz Ching
  • 1B Cheung Chun Fung
  • 1B Wong Man Chun
  • 1D Hui Yan Tung
  • 1D Lam She Yi
  • 2A Chan Yuk Kwan
  • 2A Fan Tsz Ching
  • 4C Ma Hiu Tung, Karen

HKFYG The Standard Chartered Hong Kong English Public Speaking Contest 2015
  • 1C To Yi Pui
  • 1C Lee Yuen Fei

Good People, Good Deeds: English Story Writing Competition 2015 - Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
Merit 3B Tan Ching Yan

The development of our students’ English language skills is addressed by the school’s efforts in creating an English-rich environment both within and outside the classroom, where students of all levels are able to benefit from and enhance their language skills at their own pace through authentic experiences. Authenticity is achieved through the following activities:

  • Overseas study tours
  • Inter-class Poem Reading Aloud Competition
  • English Day
  • English Week
  • English Language Institute/China (ELIC) Summer Camp
  • WSE Cosmopolitan Youth English Summer Camp
  • Summerbridge
  • Oxbridge Summer Camp
  • Synergy Summer Camp
  • English Ambassadors
  • Elite Study Circles
  • Drama Appreciation
  • Outing (e.g. Out and about in Stanley)
  • Fashion Show

English Day

English Week

Oxbridge Summer Camp

English Language Institute/China (ELIC) Summer Camp

WSE Cosmopolitan Youth English Summer Camp

Synergy Summer Camp

English Ambassadors

Out and About in Stanley

Elite Study Circles

Fashion Show

Inter-class Poem Reading Aloud Competition

Inter-class English Song Singing Contest

S.1 Inter-class Competition (Quizpedia)

Extended Learning Activities - Overseas Study Tours