The mission of the English Department is to provide language education where students develop their English proficiency for study, work and leisure; extend their knowledge and experience of other cultures through the English medium; develop the ability to use English confidently; and help them overcome the challenges of the keenly competitive knowledge-based society of Hong Kong. To get students exposed to English as a second language in a language rich environment, we have provided a wide range of extra-curricular activities and experiences that help students acquire new skills, develop old ones and learn to be an expressive language user. We hope to inspire in our students a love for the language and foster an appreciation of the English language as an art.

Panel head

Panel head:
Ms Ng Lee Sha

Deputy Panel head:
Mr Ngan Man Chi


The teachers of the English Department work closely together to:

  • provide greater opportunities for students to use English purposefully
  • develop students' critical thinking and encourage free expression and creativity
  • make use of learner-centered instruction to encourage their independence
  • promote effective, independent and lifelong learning
  • deliver the new senior secondary (NSS) syllabus
  • provide an English-rich learning environment

To ensure that students have the strongest exposure to English, class allocation of English-related subjects is as follows:

Lessons Per Cycle
General English Lesson Environmental Studies English Reading Oral, Aural English Information Technology Integrated Science
1 8 1 1 1 2 5
2 8 2 1 1
3 7 1 1
4 9 1
5 9 1
6 8-10 1

Form Syllabus (2015 - 2016) Activities
  • Bridging Course
  • Unit 1: Friendship
  • Unit 3: On Holiday
  • Unit 4: Festivals
  • Unit 5: Hiking
  • Unit 7: Food
  • Eating-out activity
  • Past-tense project
  • Ice-breaking
  • Unit 1: A Shopper's Paradise
  • Unit 3: Strage - but true?
  • Unit 5: Growing pains
  • Unit 6: Looking good, feeling great!
  • Unit 8: Going green
  • Summerbridge
  • Fashion Show
  • Elite Study Circles
  • English Language Institute/China (ELIC) Summer Camp
  • Module 1: Pop Life
  • Module 3: The best job in the world
  • Module 2: Healthy body, healthy mind
  • Module 4: Lending a hand
  • WSE Cosmopolitan Youth English Summer Camp
  • Elite Study Circles
  • TSA Oral Practice
  • Interclass Reading Sharing
  • Module 1: Getting along with others & Leisure and Entertainment
  • Module 2: Cultures of the World - Travelling and visiting, food
  • Module 3: Leisure and Entertainment - The world of sports
  • Module 4: Cultures of the world - Food of different places
  • Module 5: Learning English through short stories
  • Drama Appreciation
  • Module 1: Teenage problem
  • Module 2: Nature and environment
  • Module 3: Science and technology
  • Module 4: Health, fitness and beauty
  • Module 5: Workplace communication
  • Inter-school Oral Practice
  • Elite Study Circles
6 HKDSE exam practice
  • Inter-school Oral Practice
  • Mastermind Competition

We put emphasis on both summative and formative assessments. By making a good use of purposeful tasks and activities, students are expected to gain insights concerning their strengths and weaknesses. Both class-work and homework are given for the purpose of reinforcing, facilitating and encouraging independent learning. Teachers provide timely feedback for students to measure their achievements, inform students of their performance and encourage further progress.


Good People, Good Deeds: English Story Writing Competition 2015 - Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
Merit 3B Tan Ching Yan

65th Hong Kong Speech Festival
Choral Speaking, Secondary 3 & 4, Mixed Voice
Second runner-up 3A
Solo verse speaking
First runner-up 3B Tsang Kim Ying
Second runner-up

3B Lam Lai Wu

4D Chan Pak Han

  • 1A Lau Wai Yuk
  • 1A Wong Ying Ching
  • 1B Choi Hiu Mei
  • 1B Lau Ka Ka
  • 1B Law Nga Yan
  • 1B Lee Pui Shan
  • 1B Poon Yi Lam
  • 1C Cheung Hoi Lam
  • 1D Lam Yi Sum
  • 1D Tan Pak Hin
  • 1D Tsoi Cheuk Man
  • 1D Yau Tim Ni
  • 1D Yuen Wing Yin
  • 2A Li Nok Van
  • 2A Law Tsz Wah
  • 2B Lai Sum Yuet
  • 2C Lam Yat Yi
  • 2C Lam Yuk Wen
  • 2C Lau Tsz Ki
  • 2C Mai Yongyi
  • 2C Tan Ching Yan
  • 2D Man Cheuk Yan
  • 3D To Yi Pui
  • 3D Tsang Wing Suet
  • 4B Chan Kam Ying
  • 4B Ng Wing Si
  • 5B Chan Kin Bun
  • 5B Ng Wing Sze
  • 5C Kwan Bo Wah
  • 6B Chu Sum Yu
  • 6B Wong Sze Wan

66th Hong Kong Speech Festival
Dramatic Duologue

2B Chan Shu Wing

2C Leung Wing Mei


2D Cheung Yu Lam

2D Lo Man Wing

Choral Speaking, Secondary 3 & 4, Mixed Voice
Merit 3A
Solo verse speaking:
  • 1C Cheung Yu Sum
  • 1C Cheuk Kin Ku
  • 1C Fung Long Kui
  • 1C Lau Tsz Ki
  • 1C Ma Wing Yu
  • 1D Lai Sum Yuet
  • 1D Lai Ying Ping
  • 1D Lam Yat Yi
  • 1D Wong Chung Tung
  • 2A Kwok Tsun Sun
  • 2A Pun Hei Yi
  • 2B Lee Yu Fei
  • 2B Yan Jo Laam
  • 2B Yeung Hoi Ching
  • 2B Yu Siu Ching
  • 2D Tsang Wing Sue
  • 3A Shek Cheuk Ying
  • 3B Lui Yuk Hung
  • 4A Choi Wai Ping
  • 4A Wong Lui
  • 4B Chan Tsung Kui
  • 4B Fong Ka Ying
  • 4D Chong Chung Man
  • 4D Kwok Sze Nga
  • 4D Lai Ka Yan
  • 4D Wong Tsz Ying
  • 5B Choi Sze Wing
  • 5B Pau Chui Yi
  • 5C Tse Ching Yi
  • 5D Hui Cheuk Lam
  • 5D Tse Ngai Ting

HKFYG The Standard Chartered Hong Kong English Public Speaking Contest 2012-2013

1C To Yi Pui

1C Lee Yuen Fei


The development of our students’ English language skills is addressed by the school’s efforts in creating an English-rich environment both within and outside the classroom, where students of all levels are able to benefit from and enhance their language skills at their own pace through authentic experiences. Authenticity is achieved through the following activities:

  • Overseas study tours
  • Inter-class Poem Reading Aloud Competition
  • Inter-class English Song Singing Competition
  • English Day
  • English Week
  • English Language Institute/China (ELIC) Summer Camp
  • WSE Cosmopolitan Youth English Summer Camp
  • English Ambassadors
  • Elite Study Circles
  • Outing (e.g. eating out)
  • Fashion Show

Overseas study tours

Inter-class Poem Reading Aloud Competition

Inter-class English Song Singing Competition

English Week

English Language Institute/China (ELIC) Summer Camp

WSE Cosmopolitan Youth English Summer Camp

English Ambassadors

Elite Study Circles