Design & Technology


Curriculum aims and teaching objectives

Technology Education aims at preparing students to be valuable human capital amidst the rapidly emerging technologies. It enables students to

  • develop technological capability, understanding and awareness
  • critically appraise the impacts of technology on the individual, family, society and environment
  • become competent and confident members of the world of technology and the society at large.

The curriculum is designed to match students’ interests and intellectual development at different key stages:

  • Key Stages 1 and 2: Awareness and Exploration
  • Key Stage 3: Exploration, Experiencing and Familiarisation
  • Key Stage 4 and beyond: Exploring Orientation for Life-long Learning and Specialisation
1) Curriculum Structure

Learning modules approach is adopted which thoroughly integrates the learning elements within the three knowledge contexts directly related to technological subjects and those common learning elements. The three knowledge contexts are as follows:

Knowledge context 1 Materials and structure
  • (K3) Materials and resources
  • (K4) Structures and mechanisms
Knowledge context 2 Operations and manufacturing
  • (K5) Tools and equipment
  • (K6) Production process
Knowledge context 3 Systems and control
  • (K8) Concepts of System
  • (K9) Applications of System
2) Curriculum Map

Solar Cooker

Packing Design

Smart Car

Bridge Design