Business, Accounting and Financial Studies



The overall aims of the Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (BAFS) curriculum are:

  • to provide students at senior secondary level with fundamental business knowledge and skills, and develop their positive values and attitudes, so that they can fulfil their roles competently and confidently as consumers, investors, employees and/or entrepreneurs;
  • to develop students’ generic skills in research, analysis, leadership, team-building, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving and transfer them to different domains; and
  • to explore different aspects of business to prepare students for life, for learning and for employment.

Core Elective: Business Management
Business Environment Financial Management
Introduction to Accounting Human Resources Management
Personal Financial Management Marketing Management
Introduction to Management

Paper 1 Format Ratio Ratio of the subject Duration
MC 30 24% 40% 1hrs 15mins
SQ 3-5 16%

Paper 2 Format Ratio Ratio of the subject Duration
SQ 4-5 18% 60% 2hrs 15mins
CASE Study 2 30%
Essay 2 12%
Activities photos

Wofoo Millennium Entrepreneurship Programme (MEP) Lunar New Year Fair
Smart City Business Competition – A visit to Guangzhou A visit to Hong Kong Monetary Authority
A visit to Microsoft HK